One Room Challenge Week 3 : Design Plan

Here we are Week 3 of the One Room Challenge we are half way through this and it can only get better from here right ? This week I haven't made much progress other than finalizing my design plan and making some much needed decisions. My daughter decided she wanted to add a wall decal like the polka dot decal she had in her old room. This time we choose a star decal that I am going to put on the ceiling. I think it'll add a fun and whimsical touch to the room we are both excited for that.

We decided to leave the door in the room white(I will probably change my mind later) they will be getting a fresh coat of paint and hopefully new hardware. I already purchased the curtains and curtain rods for the windows. I also ordered a rug(not the one on the board) If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen it on my stories. I thought the color and style would work in the space but it didn't at all. I am now putting in the order for the new rug and a few other decor pieces for the room (the best part). The Lucite pulls are one of my favorite details in the space, I will be adding them to the Ikea dresser that is going in the room. So many little details that I'm loving in this space and I'm excited to see it all come together.

So as you can see things are moving right along slowly but surely there are still a few things that have to get done but we are almost at the finish line. Have you checked out some of the other guest participant rooms yet ? Some of these renos and makeovers are insane I love it ! head on over to the One Room Challenge blog and check them out.
See you guys next week xo Paloma


One Room Challenge Week 2: Floors and Paint

Welcome back to week 2 of the One Room Challenge. We've made a lot of progress this week and I am sooo excited because I don't have to look at the disastrous mess that was my floors any longer.  Yay me ! My brother in Law sent over a family friend to re-do our floors and they came out great I love the color. Now I don't need to keep the door in this room closed anymore. Since I also painted I pass by this room everyday and just stare with a smile on my face. I'm so happy with the progress and how everything is coming along.

I finally got some paint on the walls as well we went with Ultra Pure White by Behr and for the trim we went with Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams. You don't understand how happy with how it came out. I love the contrast of the trim against the white walls, my daughter loved it as well which means, extra points for mom! The room already looks so much better with the few changes we've made. I'm more excited now to see how it will look in the end.

 By the way guess what? since the walls are painted and the floors are done the kids are finally in their own room (I'm doing my happy dance). As far as painting goes I only have the closet, doors and radiator left to paint also a few touch ups here and there. So when I get to those things they can stay in my room again (one more night wont hurt anybody). My biggest dilemma now is whether I should paint the room and closet doors black or leave them white and until I decide that I can't buy hardware because I can't decide what color hardware I want for the doors either. Hopefully I'll make a decision on that before week 6 sneaks up on me.

Next on my list is the closet I'm thinking of doing a fun wall decal in there and I have re configure certain things in there as well. I want to add shoe shelves and maybe another rod so her and the baby can have their own. We've gotten a lot done but there is still so much more to do. What do you guys think about the progress so far ? let me know in the comments. Don't forget to check out the rest of rooms getting makeovers this season over at One Room Challenge
xoxo Paloma 


On My List: Fall 2018 interior Design Books

Who doesn't love to curl up on the couch with a cozy blanket some hot chocolate, or what ever you hot drink lovers like to drink (I'm not a fan of hot drinks) and read a good book? I love reading all year long it's one of my favorite hobbies. I've always said in my dream home I will have a library Like the one Beast gave Belle in the movie, a girl can dream can't she. Fashion Books and Interior Design books are some of my favorite because they are so pretty to look at and filled with so much inspiration. They are also great for decorating with. This fall season so many great books are coming out and I can't wait to hide the Amazon boxes from Mr. J !

One Room Challenge Week One: Kids Room

Here I am at yet another One Room Challenge with the hopes that I will actually finish my project this time (it's my third entry). This season I will be designing my 9 month old son and my 9 year old daughters bedroom. My daughter has been helping with the design process since she does use the room more than the baby does she gets to make a lot of decisions which she is more than happy to make.For colors we decided on black and white as the base color for the room and so far the accent colors that are in the running are blue, green and yellow. We are leaning more towards blue because she likes that color a lot (not more than pink of course) and I think it works as a neutral color for both of them. The space is quite small so I have to be a little creative with storage and we can't have too much furniture, but that's New York living for you. We moved into the 2nd floor of our two family home (did a little switch with mom she's on the first floor now) and this room has been untouched ever since. Haley and Maddox have been staying in my room so you can just imagine how motivated I am to get this room DONE.


Fashion Fridays: New York Fashion Week Favs

If you are a fashion lover like I am then you also look forward to Fashion month which takes place every year in September. Designers put out the next years spring/summer collections and fashionistas take over the streets of New York, Paris, London and Milan. Since I've never had the privilege of being invited to a show I watch the live stream front row from my computer. One day I'll have my Carrie Bradshaw at NYFW.

Every year I look forward to the new trends some of my favorite designers send down their runways like Oscar De La Renta, Alice and Olivia, and so much more. This year was full of color, patterns, and sparkle. There were a lot of bright colors on the runway which got me so excited for spring/summer and we haven't even started fall yet. Color blocking and pattern mixing was also trending. Oh and I cant forget, there was lots of YELLOW ! I was so happy to see that because it's also a trending color in interior design as well. So many beautiful looks and so much to look forward to for next year. I've picked out a few of my favorite looks from my favorite shows this year hope you guys enjoy and let me know what shows were your favorite.

xoxo Plaoma G 

Oscar De La Renta